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When I mean insecure I am not necessarily here to do a review on the Insecure series by Issa Rae.
No doubt, I am a huge fan and I can totally relate on all levels but that is not the topic of today.

The weight alone of the word INSECURE weighs me down. As much as we all try to deny it, at least one out of every three individuals is insecure about something in their life.
For so long I have been insecure about my body, that I might just not be the right height, size, look the right way, have the right hair, have the best lashes, smell the right way, basically, everything that appeals to the human mind made me insecure.
Simply put I was uncertain or anxious about how I looked and where I actually pictured myself as regards success attained so far.
I found a few key things that helped me along the way and are still a key motivational factor.
1. A word of prayer- I necessarily don't stay long hours kabashing ( praying in tongues) but when I feel overwhelmed or just not good enough I say a word of prayer and remind myself of the phrase "Where there is life there is hope" 

2. Friends who truly care- I used to think I was strong until I played back all the stupid questions I asked my friends when I felt low. Questions like; Am I too fat? Am I broken? Why am I not yet successful? Why don't I have a big butt? Is she better than me? Why do all men just want sex?
Trust me this list is endless but they are still my friends and they still assure me that " Last Last we go dey alright" 😘😘😘

3. Let what you love, be your drug- I don't mean hard drugs or weed pleaseee. Find that hobby you like and make it a remedial drug. For me, it is dancing and listening to music this definitely takes me to another level. For some it may be cooking, for others, it is playing soccer e.t.c.

4. Re-evaluate your self- Most times insecurity is as a result of you not actually actualizing goals you set for yourself, or not living up to the standard you feel the society set for you. In the real sense, everyone's clock doesn't tick at the same time. Linda Ikeji at 25 years old didn't feel she had achieved much yet some other people still looked up to her, but hey! look at her now.

Go back to your drawing board and figure out the little effort needed. Make your goals more realistic, if you have been doing the same thing for a while and you still have no differences then please switch up.

5. Love yourself irrespective of where you really are or how you feel, although it may hurt your pocket but treat yourself once in a while. Every day, speak positive things into your life and appreciate yourself.
Life is too short to kill yourself, my bum still remains small but I am happy that I have nice hips 
(Embrace the appreciation strategy)
You may not be earning 1 Million a month yet but you can afford to buy yourself the basic things you need.
We all have our insecure moments but be assured that youare just overthinking it and you would be alright

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