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Hello Glamorous people,

This is a bit different from my typical post, but it is something to give insight to those who believe U.K is an old and boring place with lots of mean people.
Most times, some people say visiting the U.K. Is over rated but trust me, it's an experience you would always remember once you try it out.

Upon Arrival: From the London Heathrow and Gatwick Airports, you'll begin to experience the difference.

There is free Airport WIFI and trust me, I like AWOOF (free things), so I ensure I log in with my travel details to browse.
Also, be sure to pick up a city guide at the airport because they keep it updated with what's new.

Stay: If you are visiting for a short while, there are numerous Inns and Hotels around town that you can Lodge in.

However, being in London for more than two weeks; I'll advise you stay with a relative or your friends to make the best out of your stay in London.

Transportation: You can make use Uber cabs or choose to get an Oyster card for bus rides and DLR's which is a more affordable option.

Shopping: My top picks for a good shopping experience are:
1.Westfield Shopping Centre at Stratford

2. Ashford Designer Outlet

This is the best place to go shopping for authentic designer wears and accessories at the best price, with over 30 designer outlets to explore.

3. Woolwich open market and Liverpool Street

You can find anything and everything in these markets at the most affordable prices.

 4. The Glades I.e. Bromley Shopping Centre

 5. Bluewater shopping centre

Weather: I was born and bred in Nigeria which is in the tropics, so I consider spring, summer, autumn and winter all cold but summer is the most bearable cold weather because there is a little heat from the sun.

On a typical day in summer, it is day-break by 6 am and Dusk by 10 PM - 11 PM while in Winter by 6 AM it's still dark and by 4 PM the sun has set.


In summer, never miss out on these places:
1.Woburn Safari Park at Milton Keynes

2. Thorpe Park located at Chertsey

3. Science Museum, London

4. The Big Ben (Westminster), Oxford Street & The London Eye

5. Sea Life London Aquarium


1.Winter Wonderland @ Hyde Park 

Ice skating.

Food: As much as I watch what I eat, being in London you can't help but Indulge.
While shopping in Woolwich, you can have some Chinese food at Tai Tip Mein or walk into
Mc Donald’s

·At Westfield, there are more than 20 options to pick from but I still go with Crepeaffaire and Mr. pretzels

·Subway has the best sandwiches

·Nandos, but I feel it's overrated and the waiting lines are always irritating

·KFC Chicken and chips with Krushems

This post is an inspiration from a friend who also has her blog on which people can share their travel experiences.

Feel free to check out THEFISAYO.COM for more insider travel guides and also share yours...


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