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Hello glamorous readers , I'm so sorry I've been away for such a long while, had a lot going on in my life, from the National Youth Service Programme to Proficiency exams, family functions and all... But no excuses I apologise for leaving it was awfully rude. I welcome new readers and thank the old and loyal ones for taking time out to pick one or two things from this blog to inculcate in their lifestyle.
Enough of my epistles and straight to the business of the day 'Protruding tummy' A.K.A ikun nla (Yoruba) and Biggy Belle ( Pidgin).

 This is the general complaint of everyone I come in contact with, be it slim or on the heavier side. I recently gained a lot of weight in the past few months and lost touch with my flat tummy which I once used to pride in. This made me feel the pain people always spoke about looking at yourself in the mirror; loving your butt, boobs and hips but if you could use a scissors to cut off the lower belly bulge you would do so without hesitating. This made me so sad I embarked on my weight-loss journey again. This time more focused on losing mostly tummy fat.
NOTE: There is no targeted weight loss, you can't just focus on one area you have to shed fat around the whole body.
But asides the above point there are a few tricks you can use in shaping the body and increasing the fat loss around the mid- section.

1. Cardio: This is the best and generally proven way to get a slimmer waistline and more cinched in waist. Exercises like jumping jacks, Russian twists, mountain climbers, burpees, bridges, high knees squat jumps e.t.c target the obliques and abs

2. Waist training: This technique dates back to the Victorian times where ladies flattered their figures more with the use of corsets and the tinier their waist was the more appealing men thought they were. Today it's widely used by celebrities and a lot of women after childbirth and during weight loss. 

NOTE: you only see results better when it is combined with workouts and a cleaner eating regime.
Types of waist cinchers  include:
Victorian times

steel boned corsets
waist support

Elastic waist trainer 

latex waist trainer (blue)

3. Waist beads: I learnt this trick from my cousin when I was way younger and trust me it helps a lot, the usage of waist beads helps control your eating because you won't want your waist beads looking tight like all hell is about to break loose plus its a beautiful way of adorning your body. This also automatically indicates to you when you are losing fat around the tummy and gaining more fat.

4. Weight Training: Guys probably feel left out already but here is something really helpful to you. no need to go to the gym you can buy 10 kg- 20 kg weights and try out this workouts and ladies you can use body weight or 3 - 5 kg dumbbells.

5. Reduce intake of alcoholic drinks, carbonated drinks, stop eating  less  than 3- 4 hours before bed time, stop the intake of processed foods, and saturated fats, drink loads of water, chew gum when you feel peckish, take a lot of water melons, apples and pineapples.

Every guy and lady wants abs, a slimmer waistline because apart from being irresistibly attractive and appealing to the eye it has its health benefits too.

These workouts can be done by both male and female forget the demonstrator is a lady you can also go to bodynomics on youtube for more videos.

That is all for now, love you all, be sure to follow us on Instagram- @cocoglamchic 
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