Legendary leg day experiences

by - 11:34

    OMG my legs, who sent me message (mo ti lo sé ašeju oh) damn I ache badly, my quads and glutes are fighting me, but when I think of how great and toned my legs would look I feel super duper awesome.

I was like that yesterday when I embarked on a brazillian butt, leg targetted exercise and a 3 mile walk workout yesterday, I ended up like this:
And then today when I awoke from my slumber, lo and behold the toilet and my butt had a repelling relationship like two like poles of a magnet and when I bent to pick up my shoes for a nice Hip hop Tabata workout with Keaira Lashae, (omo I hook 4 there)
But then again I think of my goal and remember that these are all just obstacles and hurdles I must overcome to get that nice perky butt and toned legs without all those flabby doo doos around my laps, I mean you'll would rather have this

Than having this
So please stay motivated the pain is only for a while and the outcomes are way better that the befores. So workout and love your body. :)

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