3 miles walk within 40 minutes

by - 12:43

     So basically yesterday I told my friends I did a 3-mile walk workout out and they were totally confused.
Well, they are not to blame if you told me that I would think you don't know what you are saying. Some even said why walk jog jor lazy ass (ha ha ha ha) My motivators all day every day.

To kill all your doubts about having to complete 3 miles( 4.82 km) in 36 minutes here is one of the best workouts I have done which brings results and is not really high intensity but gives the best results. It is Keaira Lashae's fun 3-mile walk workout with her bestie Sabrina.

Grab your friends, sisters, brothers, boyfriends, girlfriends, Aristos, aristresses and relatives and have fun with this workout, Comment below on what you think of the workout and other and other specific topics you would want to know more about.
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