Welcome to my world

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catsHey beautiful people, Welcome to my blog my name is Emmanuella Ladipo and I bet what's going through your mind now is "what is this blog all about, it won't pass make up and fashion". Hmmm you already have a single story about my blog. Well i wanna prove you almost wrong but first. Do you agree with me that we all have the right to look smashing? (if i hear a yes,then you're smart, you're loyal, i appreciate). I am not a professional nutritionist, MUA, body technician or whatever. I am just one silly ass Nigerian babe who is crazy about make up, keeping fit, good food and looking and feeling good.

For you guys, you want a babe with that Kim K shape and Amber rose bootay but what do you want the Victoria Beckham's  like us to do and Ladies out there you want a lumber male (beard gang niggas), a body to salivate for with that 6-8 inch package down there. Hmmm no need to feel shy we are only human and we like these things. But we can actually have that dream body we want.

I used to be an orobo (chubby) as a child and a teenager, wearing a size 16(UK) but now i wear a size 10 and left to me i would never have believed it i would be this size and look good... my stories are getting too long mehn. Long story cut short this blog is for everyone; Tall or short, fat of slim, dark or light, curvy or slightly dense... please stay tuned for the next post bye guys and have a great week ahead.


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