Summer body! Proper body!

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Happy weekend dearies, Hope you all had an awesome week? I'm going to be talking on working out today, I have been slacking on that a bit but I need to get back on track. Work outs are a very essential part of healthy living alongside eating clean, drinking lots of water and sleeping well. It keeps the heart relatively stabilized and keeps the body active throught out the day.
Working out has helped me a lot because based on my Body Mass Index (BMI) 2 years ago I was obese but through working out i went from a size 16 to size 10-12 it wasn't by imagining it all the time but through Dedication, discipline and Motivation.
 How did I do it?
I started up with basic 50 minutes excercises which weren't giving me the results i wanted and then i switched it up to Keaira lashae's dance workouts (she is bae) everyone can do these workouts and the duration ranges from 5 minutes to 35 minutes examples of the workouts includes : soca calypso, dancehall, zumba, hip hop, latin american dance, kick boxing and so on and I got great results and she also has her meal plans. Vist her youtube channel. Or visit
My major workout which gave immediate results was the Shaun T insanity work out, which is a high intensity interval training pack with a meal plan. it runs for 60 days and can be purchased from  and trust me you can lose 10 kg and more within those two months. A new one is the T25 workout which is shorter and less tasking but also gives great results.
 Other ways to workout.
Everybody wants to get in shape for summer and lose a few pounds, get those guns and lose a few inches off their waist line. Here are a few ways to do that:
  1. Jogging for atleast 2- 4 kilometers, 3-5 times a week. You can use strava app, pedometer step counter & walking app, runmeter app, and runastic to track your runs.
  2. Cardio exercises like Jumping jacks, burpees, mountain climbers e.t.c. 
  3. Yoga.
  4. Zumba
  5. Dancing
  6. Visiting the gym, weight lifts and elipticals  
  7. Swimming and other types of sporting activities.   


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