Know your food and its calorie contents

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Hey guys, hope your day has been going smoothly. So it seems everyone has been on the calorie concious hype recently and I should really say that's good but we should not only watch out for less calories but the type of food we ingest also.
A lot of people say they are watching their calorie intake by drinking tea in the morning with crisp, for lunch they have burger, chicken and hotdog and for dinner they have pizza. What is that? Who are we fooling here, if you wanna watch your calorie intake do it right. That's the only way you'll get your resullts  and note its not about quantity but about quality.
A bulky plate would only give you a bulgy stomach but a smaller portioned balance meal would keep you fuller and keep you stomach walls unstretched. There is no harm in having cheat days and cheat meals, its highly advisable because we all have cravings but know your limit

These are charts to guide you:
They contains different types of food and the calorie count

Apps that can also help are My diet coach, my fitness pal, calorie counter, fit bit and many more. You can also search your app store for more and be sure ti read through the reviews before downloading.

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